Billy Porter Apologizes to Harry Styles After Criticizing ‘Vogue’ Cover [Video] |

Billy Porter Apologizes to Harry Styles After Criticizing ‘Vogue’ Cover [Video]

Billy Porter made an appearance Thursday on The Late Show, where host Stephen Colbert wasted no time asking the actor about his recent comments about Harry Styles’s historic Vogue cover.

via: Complex

“Apparently I’m famous now and it was a slow news day,” Porter said when asked by Colbert about the comments. “The first thing I wanna say is, Harry Styles, I apologize to you for having your name in my mouth. It’s not about you. The conversation is not about you.”

Porter made the comments last month in an interview with The Sunday Times, taking issue with how a straight white man became the first man to appear on the magazine cover solo. “I created the conversation [about non-binary fashion] and yet Vogue still put Harry Styles, a straight white man, in a dress on their cover for the first time,” said Porter. While Porter clarified at the time he’s “not dragging Harry,” the actor did feel as though it was disingenuous to have the former One Direction star represent “this new conversation.”

Explaining his thoughts further on The Late Show, Porter added, “The conversation is actually deeper than that, it is about the systems of oppression and erasure of people of colour who contribute to the culture.” Porter admitted it was “a lot to unpack,” but ultimately said, “I’m sorry Harry.” Porter, who whipped out a pride fan while making his comments, concluded, “I didn’t mean no harm, I’m a gay man! We like Harry, he’s cute.”

Watch his Porter’s full interview on Colbert below.

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