Bill Cosby Wants His 'Hush Money' Back From Andrea Constand, Accuses Her of Leaking His Deposition to the New York Times


Bill Cosby wants accuser Andrea Constand to pay up for allegedly violating the terms of their confidentiality agreement.

So basically, he wants his hush money back.

via NY Daily News:

The philandering funnyman is asking a court for “sanctions” against Constand, saying the former basketball manager at Temple University violated the terms of her hush money.

In a new court filing that refers to Quaaludes as “disco biscuits,” Cosby claims Constand and her lawyers “are intent on reneging on what they promised (him) – confidentiality and finality.”

He says the push by Constand to have his full deposition released is a breach of their 2006 settlement. She wants to “have her cake and eat it too,” he claims.

He ominously suggests Constand might be required to “disgorge some or all of the money paid to her by defendant as part of the settlement.”

The former pudding pop pitchman also claims he never confessed to drugging or sexually assaulting women in excerpts of his 2005 deposition testimony. He said just because he gave Quaaludes, or “disco biscuits,” to some of the women he had sexual encounters with, it doesn’t mean the sex was not consensual.

Constand sued Cosby in 2005 claiming the deceitful TV dad sexually assaulted her after plying her with drugs.

A federal judge unsealed parts of his sworn testimony this month after more than two dozen women stepped forward with similar claims.

Cosby’s new filing accuses Constand’s camp of helping leak the full deposition to the New York Times in recent days because it failed to inform its private court reporting service of the confidentiality clause.

“That conscious neglect has led directly to a colossal breach of that confidentiality,” Cosby’s filing states. He points out that Constand isn’t trying to toss their full agreement, just the privacy pact. “Obviously, she wants to keep what she was paid,” his filing states.

Should he get it back?

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