Bill Burr's Wife Flips Donald Trump the Bird During UFC Fight in New York [Photo + Video] |

Bill Burr’s Wife Flips Donald Trump the Bird During UFC Fight in New York [Photo + Video]

Not everyone was happy to see former President Donald Trump enter the arena at UFC 295.

via: Radar Online

Actress, producer and Bill Burr’s wife, Nia Renee Hill, was caught on camera flipping off former President Donald Trump at a UFC fight in New York on Saturday night.

The pay-per-view fight took place at Madison Square Gardens, where Trump was attending the event as a keen supporter of the UFC.

As Trump entered the arena just before the featherweight fight between Diego Lopes and Pat Sabatini, Hill could be seen in the background giving him the double middle finger.

Pictures of the incident quickly circulated on social media, capturing Hill’s apparent displeasure at seeing the former president.

The incident has sparked a mixed reaction on social media, with Trump voters rallying to support the former president.

Libby Emmons, editor of The Post Millennial, posted on X, formerly Twitter, stating, “Donald Trump walked into an arena that holds 20,000 people, and 19,999 people were so happy. And then there was Bill Burr’s wife.”

One user commented with a screenshot of Hill flipping Trump two birds, “Hang it in a museum.”

Another wrote, “I see a lot of people are upset over this. I guess they are just upset that someone’s wife would actually show up in public with them,” referring to the fact that Trump showed up without his wife, Melania Trump.

Aside from Hill’s visible displeasure, the UFC crowd seemed enthusiastic when Trump, accompanied by his son Donald Trump Jr, southern rapper Kid Rock, and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, entered the arena on Saturday night.

Despite facing an ongoing fraud trial regarding The Trump Organization, Trump appeared to be in high spirits, posing for photos and smiling with his thumbs up for the cameras.

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