Big Sean Opens Up About Ariana Grande + Admits Dissing Naya Rivera in New Song: 'It fits my situation' [Video]

Big Sean stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest today and dished on his relationship with Ariana Grande.

Now, Big Sean nor Ariana have confirmed their relationship — but Sean did share a little bit about how special Ariana is to him.

“I’m like a big fan, I know where I’m at. I’m at On Air with Ryan Seacrest. [But] I like to keep my personal life personal. You know what I’m saying?” Sean said, playing coy before singing the pop star’s praises. “But I am going to tell you this: That Ariana is very, very special. She’s very special to me. Everything she has going on is good with her, everything I have going on is good with me, everything between me and her is good, and I’m just going to leave it at that.”

He also opened up about his fiery new single, “I Don’t F*ck With You,” and whether or not it’s about his ex Naya Rivera. He still sticks to the story that it was written while he was still with Naya, but says:

“I was just honestly putting myself in a perspective, man,” he revealed. “As an artist, you just have to do that sometimes. It’s funny how records, sometimes they relate to you more later on, sometimes they don’t. Obviously it kind of fits my situation.” 

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