Big Lex Says Joseline Hernandez 'Beat Me Real Bad' in 911 Call After Brawl [Listen]

Joseline Hernandez brawled with a former co-star backstage at an exhibition fight between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III.

The fight video published by TMZ showing Joseline hitting Lex and holding her in a headlock as onlookers try to intervene. When the two women finally part, Lex is missing her top and visibly shaken.

Well now TMZ has the 911 call.

Big Lex wasn’t seeking medical attention … she was seeking justice, demanding for cops to arrest the perpetrator.

TMZ has obtained the dispatch audio capturing BL’s emergency call Sunday night — this after she’d taken a brutal beating at the hands of Joseline backstage during Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight — and it sounds like she had one thing in mind … pressing charges.

Take a listen for yourself … you hear Lex talking to the operator, who’s asking her all the standard questions — and she sounds relatively calm, cool and collected about it all.

She gives all the proper info, but when the dispatcher asks if she needs medical personnel for any injuries — Lex actually says no. Instead, she says she just needs cops on hand … ’cause she says she only wants to file a police report — obviously in hopes of an arrest.

Lex says she’s waiting at a nearby gas station and is standing by to give officers all the pertinent details. Clearly, she gave them what they needed to ultimately throw on handcuffs.

Joseline was later booked and hit with 4 charges including trespassing and battery

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