Beyoncé's Ivy Park Responds to Factory Sweatshop Allegations


Beyoncé’s Ivy Park brand is fighting back against accusations their products are made in a Sri Lankan sweatshop under harsh working conditions.

via WWD:

On Monday, the brand said in a statement: “Ivy Park has a rigorous ethical trading program. We are proud of our sustained efforts in terms of factory inspections and audits, and our teams worldwide work very closely with our suppliers and their factories to ensure compliance.”

The brand added that it expects its suppliers to meet its code of conduct “and we support them in achieving these requirements.”

The statement came in response to a front-page story in The Sun on Sunday tabloid — never one to shun a sensational headline. The paper accused the brand of relying on “poverty-stricken seamstresses” at the MAS Holdings factory in Sri Lanka to make some of the Ivy Park clothes.

The story said the mostly female workers earn 4.30 pounds a day, or $6.17, and could never afford to buy a pair of Ivy Park leggings, which can cost 100 pounds, or $144.

But the minimum daily wage in Sri Lanka is 400 rupees, or $2.68. That means Ivy Park workers are earning more than twice the minimum wage for a day’s work.

 We’re glad that’s settled.

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