Beyoncé And Solange Practiced Failure While Growing Up, Thanks To Mathew Knowles [Photo + Video]

Beyoncé and Solange’s father and former manager Mathew Knowles has offered up a few of the tips he gave to his superstar daughters during their formative years.

via: Vibe

“One thing I taught Beyoncé and Solange was to practice failure,” he tweeted. “We would practice how they’d respond if their microphone got cut off, if their shoes broke on stage, if the wrong song got queued in their performance set. Anything can happen…”

The record executive continued, “..and they were always prepared to have a response! I would like for you to consider the same lesson. Whether you’re a performer or artist, or an entrepreneur or professional, practice how you’ll respond in the event you fail. It’s a skill that can and should be developed!”

With both of his daughters having successful music careers under his management (and after parting ways), it’s obvious that Papa Knowles’ teachings were gold. There have been times when Beyoncé showed the world that she is a super-performer and can prevail through any malfunction—whether it be falling, getting trapped onstage, experiencing lighting mistakes, or having her hair caught in equipment, the queen always recovers with grace.

While performing alongside her hubby Jay-Z on their On The Run II tour in 2018, their elevated stage refused to go down at the end of their set. While awaiting crew members to fix the malfunction, Bey hyped her fans up even more by dancing as the stage finally descended. During a 2013 show in Montreal, the Bey-Hive queen got her hair stuck in a fan while singing her heart out. She managed to hit all her vocal runs on “Halo” as security worked to pull her tresses out of the fan. With pain written all over her face, the show went on.

During a 2017 concert in Lisbon, Beyoncé’s feet got caught on her own trench coat, sending her tumbling down 12 stairs. With quick reflexes, she popped right up on cue and went right back to tearing up the stage.

Lastly and probably most admirable is the moment Solange came out during Bey’s set of her Homecoming performance for Coachella 2018. Excitedly, Beyoncé hugged her little sister and tried to pick her up, causing both of them to fall down on stage hilariously. Laughing it off and kicking their feet in the air, the sisters both got back up after their performance to “Get Me Bodied.”

Showing us that she is still human and isn’t always perfect, Beyoncé truly embodies what it means to be an entertainer, giving credit to her dad too!

You can see some of the aforementioned stage mishaps below:

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