Beyoncé Gets 'Bïeryonce' Beer Shut Down

Companies should know by now that they can’t so much as invoke the essence of Beyoncé to make a dollar without those Parkwood lawyers firing up a cease and desist.

Brooklyn’s Lineup Brewing Company thought it could produce a Beyoncé-inspired German beer called ‘Bïeryonce’ and everything would be cool.

It wasn’t.

Katrina Martinez, owner of Lineup Brewing in Brooklyn, N.Y., recently told Pitchfork that she was inspired to create her Biëryoncé microbrew because, as a Hispanic female business owner:

“I am very inspired by her, so I thought I’d pay homage.”

While the idea was sweet, Bey isn’t having it.

After news of the beer went public, Bey’s legal team sent Katrina a cease and desist letter, asking that Lineup Brewing stop making the beer.

“We’re disappointed she didn’t take it as a compliment, but oh well,” Katrina told Pitchfork. “It was fun while it lasted!”

Well, the packaging was cute.

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