Bethenny Frankel Says She Apologized to Longtime ‘Nemesis’ Martha Stewart: ‘I Kissed the Ring’ |

Bethenny Frankel Says She Apologized to Longtime ‘Nemesis’ Martha Stewart: ‘I Kissed the Ring’

Bethenny Frankel and Martha Stewart have put their feud to rest.

via People:

The Real Housewives of New York City alum, 53, shared on her podcast Just B with Bethenny Frankel that she recently apologized to the businesswoman, 82, and “kissed the proverbial ring” at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in New York City. Frankel and Stewart’s relationship began when the former was the runner-up on Stewart’s The Apprentice: Martha Stewart in 2005.

Frankel explained once she saw Stewart and was presented the opportunity to speak with her, she told her: “‘You’re amazing. What you’ve been doing is unbelievable. I’m so impressed.’ I said, ‘I kiss the proverbial ring,’ I said, ‘I’m sorry for anything that has happened.’”

“Full tail, right between legs, don’t even know what I’m sorry for,” admitted Frankel. “Doesn’t f—— matter, meaning we’re both grown-a– women who have nothing to prove in this life. And it just hit different. It just hit different.”

Once Frankel went over and “kissed the ring in deference in adoration,” she noticed how their interaction was different — and her own confidence. “‘Cause I, when I was younger… there was something shakier about me,” said Frankel. “I hadn’t earned it yet… I hadn’t fought the fought, walked the walk, talked the talk.” 

Frankel explained that during their interaction, she knew she had “earned” her “seat at the table,” explaining that she’s “gone through the ranks” of the business. She shared that she and “everyone else” know her worth and remarked how she “can get the same people on speed dial that [Stewart] can.”

“It felt different walking over there but she treated me differently, she received me differently. … She just met me in the middle. We were both two women. There was just a vibe,” Frankel asserted. “We were like, equals. And it landed and I gave her what she deserved and is earned.”

Although Frankel apologized to Stewart, she said the relationship dynamic can still feels like a child around a parent. Still, she noted that their dynamic “changed in the last couple of years” because Frankel has become “more empowered” and regards herself as being “on [Stewart’s] level.”

Frankel added that there are “crazy stories” about her relationship with Stewart. “The comments she’s made to me are insane,” she said.

“It’s really been this nemesis sort of friendly rivalry,” Frankel continued. “It was back and forth. But it was never like, vicious. It was just sort of, healthy battle. For no good reason.”

Good. They’re both too damn old for this.

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