Do You Believe It? Beyoncé Reportedly Called Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Both 'Talentless and Pathetic'

Now, love muffins — take this next story with a grain handful of salt. It was so ridiculous we just HAD to share it with you.

According to Radar Online, Beyoncé popped off on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and called them BOTH ‘talentless and pathetic.’

via Radar:

“Beyonce flipped out on Kim when Kim called her to try and soothe tensions after Kanye’s hospitalization,” a source close to the reality star mother of North, 2, and Saint West, 1, said.

“Basically she told Kim to never, ever, contact her or her husband again and said stuff like she thought that the two of them are made for each other because they are both talentless and pathetic!”

This fight comes at the end of a long campaign by Kardashian to get Queen B in her good graces.

“Kim was trying so hard to be Beyonce’s friend for so long and she had even asked her on numerous occasions to let Blue Ivy play with North. Beyonce just kept ignoring her,” the source told Radar.

The cold shoulder reached a new level when Kardashian was robbed in Paris at gunpoint for $10 million worth of jewelry in October, said the insider.

“When Kim was attacked, Kanye thought it was rude that neither Beyonce nor Jay Z called to see if Kim was doing okay,” the insider said, adding, “That is the real reason he went off on Jay Z, too!”

But even after all that, Kardashian and West STILL tried to make things right again!

“Kim and Kanye both felt awful and got into it because Kim told Kanye that he had ruined their chances of being friends with Beyonce and Jay,” said the source.

“They wanted to try one last time to make things better, so they mailed Bey and Jay an invite to the Kardashian’s holiday party.”

But the source claims, “The invite was returned to Kim and Kanye’s house with ‘Return To Sender’ written on the envelope!”

Kanye West may be a LOT of things…but talentless? Nah.

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