B. Simone Defends Herself Following Backlash For Charging $10 To Be 'Close Friends' [Video]

People are always finding new and inventive ways to secure a bag, and B. Simone isn’t ashamed of her hustle. The social media influencer and beauty mogul is allowing her followers to pay $10 to be added to her “Close Friends” list on Instagram to get all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

via: AceShowbiz

“VIP ONLY. If you aren’t on my close friends you are truly missing out! I’m heading to Mexico in two days you don’t wanna miss this! All my vacation footage be on my close friends,” so she announced on Tuesday, October 5. “LINK IN BIO! You will be added within 48 hours. Good luck.”

Upon knowing her offer, Internet users were quick to slam Simone for it. “I don’t know if it’s giving desperate or what,” one person said. Someone added, “It’ll be on Youtube the next day i’ll wait chile…”

“Something is seriously wrong with social media influencers. They love to capitalize and profit off of poor people. Just hope people ain’t this damn desperate,” another critic noted. Another comment read, “Girl please we in a pandemic and losing jobs and y’all wanna sustain a status by trying to dig in our pockets how bout we start charging y’all IG celebs to even want to be a follower of urs stop begging us and get a gig this ain’t it sis move around.”

In response to the criticism, Simone stood up for herself. “It’s 1.40$ a day relax and 3000 plus people (and counting) seem to want this content ! If you don’t want to be on my close friends then I’m not talking to you. see you 3k people in Mexico,” she wrote in the comment section of The Neighboorhood Talk’s post on Instagram.

Claudia Jordan also chimed in, defending the Instagram personality. She wrote, “Why not? Everyone giving content away and as we see the true winners are mark zuckerberg. If they’re willing to pay for it why the hell not?” Meanwhile, Bobby Lytes thought that it was such a “smart” strategy.

Why not just start an OnlyFans.

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