B. Scott Buy: Avoid A 'White Marks Fail' Moment With Secret Outlast Clear Gel


Have you ever had a White Marks Fail moment? You know, where you put on a super cute shirt or dress that you couldn’t wait to wear, only to look down and realize you ruined it with nasty white streaks from your deodorant? How many times have you rushed to the bathroom to try to scrub it off under the sink, only to leave with your shirt still white (and wet)?

I know, I had a ‘white marks fail’ moment a few weeks ago when I was heading to a fitting. It was so embarrassing. I looked down and the entire left side of my black blouse was covered in hideous white streaks.

If you’re anything like Bravo’s Jenni Pulos, I’m sure you’ve all done your version of the ‘Deo Dance’ in an attempt to avoid the unfortunate assault of deodorant streaks.

Don’t know what I mean? Check out this clip below. I’m sure it’ll look really familiar.

After my fitting moment I decided that I needed to try a new deodorant..which is why I’ve switched to Secret Outlast Clear Gel. It protects from white marks and provides 48 hour odor & wetness protection. Perfect for my hectic days and long nights. Not to mention, it has a pleasant fragrance that isn’t too strong. It goes nicely with my favorite perfumes.

If you’re not using Secret Outlast Clear Gel, you’ve likely experienced a White Marks Fail moment of your own. Tweet your #WhiteMarksFail at @SecretDeodorant and try Secret Outlast Clear Gel for 48 hour odor and wetness protection – and no white marks.

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