Kim Kardashian's Trainer Reveals Her Post-Baby Workout |

Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Reveals Her Post-Baby Workout

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Kim Kardashian has already started to shed her post-baby weight by cutting out sweets. Who better to help than achieve her fitness goals than her longtime trainer, Los Angeles-based fitness expert Gunnar Peterson.

Peterson reveals to MailOnline that he will be making the new mom push a 200-pound metal ‘sled’ up and down a 90-foot track as a part of a grueling workout routine.

The workout involves her standing behind the apparatus with both hands on the handlebars and driving it forward to generate speed. This motion apparently helps to strengthen the core and tighten the glutes.

Kim, who gave birth to her daughter North West on June 15, will be following in the footsteps of top athletes and body builders who swear by the training technique.

However, she will no doubt need a few more weeks to recover from her pregnancy as using the device is known to cause high levels of fatigue.

Indeed, the workout is so punishing Mr Peterson says that actress Sofia Vergara curses at him in Spanish while she is pushing the apparatus along.

To encourage his clients to keep going and build up speed he tells them to pretend they are reenacting a robbery or playing cat and mouse.

Other treats Mr Peterson has in store are dead lifts, power squats, cardio boxing and bouts on the rowing machine.

This combination will target all parts of her body, from arms and shoulders to bum, thighs and core.

Before Kim’s pregnancy, Mr Peterson said that he worked out with her three to five days per week at his Beverly Hills gym, depending on her hectic schedule.

‘She grinds in the gym year round and makes the right choices outside of the gym so the payoff is increased,’ he previously told Shape magazine.

Mr Peterson, a graduate of Duke University, was inspired to become a personal trainer after being overweight as a child.

On her blog Kim calls him an ‘amazing trainer’.

‘We always mix strength moves with cardio intervals and I find that combination is what really works best for me… but everyone is different,’ she adds.

We can’t wait to see Kim’s post-baby transformation!

via MailOnline

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