Ava DuVernay Is Working on a Prince Documentary for Netflix -- With His Estate's Approval

Ava DuVernay is making a Prince documentary with Netflix.

via Complex:

The project will be made with cooperation of Prince’s estate, which is sharing its trove of interviews, archival footage, photos, archived recordings, and unreleased material with DuVernay. The documentary will be produced in multiple parts, and encompass all of the artist’s life.

“Prince was a genius and a joy and a jolt to the senses,” DuVernay told Deadline. “He was like no other.”

She continued, “He shattered every preconceived notion, smashed every boundary, shared everything in his heart through his music. The only way I know how to make this film is with love. And with great care. I’m honored to do so and grateful for the opportunity entrusted to me by the estate.”

According to Deadline, before Prince passed away on April 21, 2016, he had contacted DuVernay in hopes that he could work with the Oscar nominated filmmaker. DuVernay began working on the documentary earlier this year, and has visited the late artist’s Paisley Park home often.

The Prince documentary is just one of several projects DuVernay is working on. For months, she’s been in production in New York on the four-part Netflix drama, Central Park Five. Starring Michael K. Williams, Vera Farmiga, John Leguizamo, and Joshua Jackson, and written and directed by DuVernay, the series focuses on the five Harlem teens who were erroneously convicted by the media and twice by the courts for the 1989 rape of a jogger in New York City’s Central Park.

We WILL be watching!

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