August Alsina Threatens to Beat Trey Songz 'Goofy Ass' Over 'The Breakfast Club' Comments + Trey Responds [Photos] |

August Alsina Threatens to Beat Trey Songz ‘Goofy Ass’ Over ‘The Breakfast Club’ Comments + Trey Responds [Photos]

August Alsina is NOT happy with Trey Songz’s recent interview on The Breakfast Club. Trey stirred up some drama and now August is apparently ready to throw hands.

During his interview, Trey was asked about his past altercations.

“August was talking crazy a couple years ago and I ain’t want to fight. I don’t want to fight,” said Trey. “I want to get some money…There’s other people who got problems with me that I ain’t even address. I don’t want to fight nobody. That don’t prove nothing.”

If you recall, back in 2014 when “I Luv This Sh*t” was popular August accused Trey of doing some shady stuff. Their feud eventually died down — or so we thought.

August took to Instagram to respond to Trey’s mention on ‘The Breakfast Club’ saying that he’ll STILL fight Trey.

“When niggas mention yo name in a interview talking bout catching fades but you already offered several fades years ago and will STILL gladly beat his goofy ass & then be cool later ???????? @treysongz @breakfastclubam #NeverTalkingCrazyAlwaysTalkingTRUTH. Stretch before you reach next time nigxa! And don’t mention my name. (Back to the Real World, where real problems exist.).”

Trey responded with his own post, uploading a photo of himself grinning on IG, with the caption:

“I done told y’all people you can’t have my joy! Don’t take yourself so serious, cause I don’t. ???????????? God got me.”

Trey also dropped some shady words of wisdom on Twitter.

The drama.

You thought

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