Audrina Patridge Details End of Friendship with ‘Controlling’ Lauren Conrad

Audrina Patridge details the end of her friendship with fellow “Hills” alum Lauren Conrad in her new memoir, “Choices: To the Hills and Back Again.”

via Page Six:

“Unfortunately, one connection that didn’t last was my relationship with Lauren, who doesn’t really talk to anyone from the old cast,” Patridge, 37, writes of Conrad, 36, claiming she exhibited “controlling” behavior. 

“There are reasons that she and I aren’t friends anymore, and there was a lot of turmoil between us that we couldn’t talk about on-camera at the time,” the reality star continues. “It’s what led to me moving out of the pool house out back when I lived with her and Lo [Bosworth].”

Fans will remember a tense dynamic between then-housemates Patridge, Conrad and Bosworth, now 35, on Season 4 of the iconic MTV series that aired in 2008. 

Patridge’s vacillating romance with now-ex Justin Bobby Brescia seemingly caused conflict among the women, but she claims in her book that other factors contributed to their discord. 

“Lauren and I had the same agent and publicists, and it seemed to me that I was getting requests, opportunities and gigs that our mutual agent was giving to Lauren instead,” Patridge alleges. “Yes, I blamed my agents for this, but it still wasn’t great for my friendship with Lauren.” 

The Prey Swim founder also thought Conrad was unnecessarily authoritative.

“I also found her to be very controlling over her friends. If you’re in her circle, you have to do and say what Lauren does or says,” Patridge claims. “Otherwise, you’re on the outs.” 

Patridge claims that Conrad’s bestie-turned-nemesis Heidi Montag experienced “the same thing.”

Montag, now 35, notably allowed Conrad space to navigate her rocky romance with now-ex Jason Wahler on camera. But, as depicted on “The Hills,” Conrad didn’t offer Montag much grace to power through rough patches in her relationship with her now-husband of 15 years, Spencer Pratt. 

“To an extent, I understand wanting to have control, especially in the reality TV world Lauren grew up in, when so much is controlled and decided for you,” Patridge writes.

The new author notes that she usually followed producers’ rules, but that didn’t mean she had to listen to Conrad’s.

A point of contention that played out on “The Hills” was Patridge’s accusation that Conrad hooked up with Brescia, now 40, behind her back. Conrad — who now shares two young sons with husband William Tell — has vehemently denied this claim.

In “Choices,” Patridge explains why she felt confident in her conviction. She claims that Conrad pretended to hate Brescia during filming, but then acted much friendlier off-camera — including one incident in which she even introduced him to her mom at the ladies’ Hollywood pad. 

“When Justin and I were broken up, Lauren ran into him in Vegas and, according to a good friend of mine, ended up hooking up with him,” she alleges. “When I heard this, I felt so betrayed.” 

Patridge claims both Conrad and Brescia ignored her calls and texts until cameras were rolling. 

“Apparently Lauren was saving her take for the cameras, and when we finally talked, she had it all twisted around to make me sound like I was delusional and out of my mind,” she writes. “Then she got mad at me. Lauren and I were never really friends again.”

Patridge says she and Conrad have not been in touch since the latter left “The Hills” halfway through Season 5 after three years of leading the unscripted hit. 

They kept it cordial, however, when Patridge and her daughter, Kirra, 6 — whom she shares with ex-husband Corey Bohan — ran into Conrad and one of her boys at a recent “Disney on Ice” show. 

Patridge — who participated in the now-canceled “Hills: New Beginnings” reboot, while Conrad did not — writes, “It would be silly to waste time on an old feud when we’re with our families and our priorities are clearly different now.” 

Lauren has been quietly expanding her family and running her business empire while the other girls are still trying to relive their reality TV glory days.

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