Ariana Biermann Slams Kim Zolciak’s Clickbait Post Implying Kroy Biermann Died: ‘The F–k?’ |

Ariana Biermann Slams Kim Zolciak’s Clickbait Post Implying Kroy Biermann Died: ‘The F–k?’

Kim Zolciak’s latest clickbait post has given daughter Ariana Biermann “secondhand embarrassment … through the roof.”

via: ET Online

The 22-year-old Don’t Be Tardy star took to TikTok to express her shock and dismay after encountering her mother’s recent Instagram message featuring a black-and-white photo of herself with her estranged husband and Ariana’s father, Kroy Biermann, accompanied by the hashtags “#RIP #LinkInBio.”

Ariana recounted how she nearly “had a damn heart attack” upon seeing the post, only to discover that it was clickbait leading to an unrelated article.

Before she could fully comprehend the implications of the post, Ariana says she was inundated with direct messages alerting her to the upload, which ultimately led to an article highlighting celebrities who had died in 2023. Distressed in the video, Ariana struggled to find words, expressing disbelief and questioning her mother’s actions.

“I physically don’t have any f**king words,” she said, visibly upset. “What? Like, what? … What would you do in this situation?”

Addressing Kim directly, Ariana conveyed her conflicted emotions. “I love you, but I just, like… My heart, like, tugging. Like, no. The f**k?”


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Over the past few years, Kim’s financial woes have continued to mount. Last month, a judge ordered that she and daughter Brielle Biermann’s 2019 Range Rover be repossessed after they failed to make payments on the luxury vehicle. Court documents obtained by People stated that the “past due” amount was $83,969.35.

After failing to make the monthly $1,903 payments, Ally Bank sued and now the judge ordered the car to be repossessed. According to Page Six, the former reality TV stars were ordered to hand over the keys to the Sheriff Marshal or other law enforcement authorities, or advice officials of the car’s exact location so it can be repossessed.

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