Angela Rye Gets Joe Walsh RIGHT Together on Double Standards That Exist When It Comes to Obama vs. Trump: 'I Don't Talk to Bigots' [Video]

Political commentator Angela Rye got Conservative radio host Joe Walsh RIGHT together during an exchange on CNN Newsroom today.

It all started in Twitter yesterday when Joe Walsh completely misconstrued and mischaracterized Angela’s comments on CNN in regards to how President Obama had to be ‘the next best thing to Jesus’ to be a successful President.

Angela wasn’t having it. At all.

Today, Angela and Joe were both on CNN’s Newsroom and Angela let Joe HAVE it.

While speaking to host Brooke Baldwin, she said:

“You all decided to give Joe Walsh a platform today. I am not giving him the time of day. I’m interested in having conversations that will move people of all races forward in this country. I’m interested in having a conversation that will help us to admit the wrongs that were done in this country and how we move forward.

I am not interested in trying to convince and change the mind of a bigot — someone who will openly troll me and say things that are offensive that he knows are not true. It’s very frustrating and I’m tired of people telling me that Black people are beneath a standard when we have to be twice as good all the time. And that is why I said I am not interested in having a dialogue with someone like Joe —  who demonstrated a propensity for bigotry. He did that yesterday on Twitter in 140 characters or less.”

Whew! Watch the video below. For the FULL exchange — click here.

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