Andre Marhold's Ex Sounds Off, Says They Were Living Together When He Left For Work and Popped Up on Social Media with Jeffree Star [Video]

Jeffree Star’s new relationship with basketball player André Marhold certainly got everyone talkingincluding the mother of André’s child, French model Emma “Leezy” Chartol.

On social media, Leezy has suggested that she was blindsided by André’s new relationship and wanted them to be together.

In a new interview, Leezy says that she was just as surprised as the rest of us when she saw her man André pop up on social media with Jeffree. According to her, André flew to Los Angeles for “work” and never returned to the home they shared together.

via Life and Style:

“It [was] just humiliating for me because my family called me, my friend from France called me. Everybody was blowing up my phone, so I couldn’t [go on] my phone,” Leezy continues, noting she chose to temporarily disable  on the same day. 

Prior to Jeffree’s intimate post with Andre, Leezy, who shares a son named Amari with the basketball player, claims Andre told her he was going to Los Angeles for professional reasons and would be back in 10 days.

“I trusted him because he said he was going there for work. Then, you know, I tried to communicate with him, but it was just like hard to,” Leezy says. “So, from this day until now, we’ve had, like, no communication.”

Since then, Leezy is leaning on her friends and family to help her through this difficult time. “I’m still hurt and confused about the situation because I do not know, I don’t know what’s going on, honestly,” the actress adds.

“I’m glad that I have support from my friend Sydney, my PR, from Niki Nyeema … yeah, they support me a lot mentally because you know, I’m still on and off,” Leezy notes. “It’s just hard right now and they helped me a lot.”

Leezy also gave an interview to N’Style Atlanta, sharing a bit more details on her relationship with André. Watch below.

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