Amber Rose 'Does Not Give a F*ck,' Reportedly Fires Back at Kardashian Cease and Desist


We told you earlier this week about a report alleging The Kardashians have prepared a cease and desist letter to send Amber Rose and Blac Chyna that would prevent them from mentioning speaking negatively about the family on their upcoming MTV reality show.

According to new reports, Amber & Blac aren’t having any of it.

When Rose and Blac got word of the TV family’s threat, the source tells Radar exclusively, “Amber told them via phone call with one of the sisters that she ‘does not ‘give a f*ck’ what they do because she and Blac Chyna have the freedom to say and do ‘whatever they want.’”

“They are sick of the fact that the Kardashians think that they can say and hurt anyone and no one says anything back to them. Amber told her straight up that they will never be silenced,” the source adds.

“Amber and Blac laugh at the fact that the Kardashians think they have any control over the situation,” the source claims. “But Amber also told her that they are not going to waste all of their time on TV talking about them.”

Kudos to Amber & Blac Chyna for standing their ground — if they have GOOD tea they need to S P I L L it. All of it.


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