Althea 'Thi Thi' Eaton Sues Joseline Hernandez for 'Love and Hip Hop' Reunion Brawl; Alleges Cocaine Use Triggered the Fight

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Althea ‘Thi Thi’ Eaton has filed a lawsuit against Joseline Hernandez after catching a severe beatdown during the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion.

According to the lawsuit, Joseline “began her assault by viciously punching Plaintiff in the face, then continued to hit and scratch her. Defendant then pulled Plaintiff to the ground where she continued to hit and scratch Plaintiff until security personnel were able to restrain her.” Eaton “suffered a black eye, abrasions to her face and arms, and extensive bruising to her arms and legs.”

The lawsuit then claims “numerous witnesses and media outlets have reported observing Defendant Hernandez smoking crack cocaine out of a pipe backstage at the LHHATL reunion show, and Plaintiffs believe that Defendant’s intoxication was a contributing factor to her violent and unprovoked assault of Plaintiff.”

Interestingly enough, during the episode Stevie J and Joseline were both commenting about how hot it was in the studio. If you watched, Benzino and Althea both mentioned that it was because of the cocaine.

We don’t know whether or not Stevie J or Joseline were coked out that day, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

[via AJC]

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