Swizz Beatz Makes Out with Alicia Keys in Front of Ex-Wife Mashonda While Vacationing Together in St. Barts [Photos]


Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats & their son Egypt + Swizz’s ex-wife Mashonda and their son Kaseem were spotted vacationing in St. Barts over the weekend.

Yes, the same Mashonda who wrote that scathing letter to Alicia Keys after she stole Swizz from her while they were still married.


Anyway, Mashonda must have buried those feelings super deep, because she seemed to have no issue at all watching her ex-husband and his mistress turned wife lock lips right in front of her.


It’s great to see these two women get along and work together to create a stable family environment for Kaseem Dean Jr. and Egypt Dean, but we can’t imagine how much growth had to occur in both women to make for this type of situation.

Get into some more vacation photos below!

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