Al Roker Returns to 'Today' After Prostate Cancer Surgery [Video]

Al Roker is back at work.

Two week after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer. Al Roker appeared on the ‘Today’ show in excellent spirits.

via Page Six:

“I’m back! I’m so excited to see all of you,” the 66-year-old meteorologist wrote on Instagram.

During the first hour of “Today,” Roker explained he’s feeling good and “trying to exercise,” adding, “Great medical care and the love of friends and family, it goes a long way.”

Earlier this month, Roker revealed he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and would be taking time off to undergo surgery.

“After a routine check-up in September, turns out I have prostate cancer,” Roker said at the time. “And it’s a good news-bad news kind of thing. The good news is we caught it early, not great news is that it’s a little aggressive so I’m going to be taking some time off to take care of this.”

Following the procedure, Roker told fans he was recuperating at home.

“A big shoutout to everyone at the #josierobertsonsurgerycenter and appreciate all the thoughts and wishes from our viewers and the wonderful care packages from my co-workers. See you all soon,” Roker posted on Twitter.

On Monday, Roker told his “Today” colleagues he will have blood work done during the first week of January, which he’ll have to do every six months for the next five years.

“Hopefully my PSA [Prostate-specific antigen] has dropped considerably,” Roker said.

According to the American Cancer Society, “The chance of having prostate cancer goes up as the PSA level goes up,” and, “When prostate cancer develops, the PSA level often goes above 4.”

Roker said last week he plans to take part in the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade festivities.

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