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Fix it Jesus.

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Once again, Blueface’s mother Karlissa Saffold is coming through with some incredibly hot takes about her son’s love life. Moreover, as if his current baby mama drama wasn’t enough, she’s already looking to the future in this regard. For example, Saffold recently expressed on social media that she thinks she has a good idea as to the rapper’s next flame and child-bearing partner. Apparently, Megan Thee Stallion would be a good fit, and one she believes would be on-brand for both artists. We still don’t know what she means by this, but it’s a wild and downright bizarre hypothetical to wrap your brain around.

“‘Megan and Blue need to make a baby,'” Karlissa Saffold read a comment from a fan, seemingly on Instagram Live. “Yes, I don’t know why y’all was trying to act like she too good for my son. The b***h just got shot in the foot, come on now. Stop f***ing playing with me. My son ain’t about to shoot her in no foot. He might shoot her in that a**, but he ain’t gon’ shoot her in the foot.

“Don’t try to play my baby like Megan too good for my son,” she continued. “B***h, the last n***a on push-ups right now. No offense! No offense, I mean, ’cause my son been to jail, I f**ks with people. You know, it’s a serious situation. But right now, y’all trying to make it like my son ain’t good enough for Megan. Do you see me? Let’s talk about it. She said, ‘You wanna marry Blueface.’ I would marry Dre [seemingly someone in the room with her] before I marry Blueface. I’m just saying, look at Dre!”

Meanwhile, it feels like there’s more backlash than ever when it comes to the California MC’s volatile love life. A lot of that has to do with his own decisions regarding it, such as posting his son with Chrisean Rock’s explicit pictures online or playing hot potato with his former partners. It probably won’t slow down anytime soon, but one thing’s for sure: Meg is likely staying at arm’s length.

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