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Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Slams Tom Brady Roast Jokes About Late NFL’er

Aaron Hernandez ended up being referenced at least a couple different times during Tom Brady’s roast.

Shayanna Jenkins who is Hernandez’s fiancee, who is also the mother of his only child, was pretty sickened by what she heard.

During the Netflix roast special, multiple hanging jokes were made by comedian Nikki Glaser and former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. Hernandez was found dead hanging in his prison cell in 2017.

There was also a joke made about seeing Aaron Hernandez “in hell.”

“It’s sad that I’m trying to raise my children in such a cruel world,” his fiancee said.

TMZ Sports had more on the reaction from Jenkins:

Shayanna goes on to say that while Aaron is gone and many people have opinions about him and his life — their daughter together, who’s 11 years old now, is still quite present.

She also says the fact her daughter is coming of age now as a preteen means there’s no doubt she’ll see what was said about her father Sunday … coming from a bunch of grown men finding amusement in his tragic death and from someone she viewed as her hero.

Bottom line … Shayanna thinks Aaron should’ve been off-limits, and he definitely wasn’t.

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