72-Year-Old Woman Kills 20 Snakes Near Her Home with a Shotgun and a Shovel

72-year-old Mrs. Newby has earned the nickname the ‘snake killer’ after she refused to let dozens of copperhead snakes make their way under her home.

In a Facebook post Thursday, Susan Thompson said her neighbor — Mrs. Newby — killed 11 of the snakes in one night after she found them on her property.

via NYDN:

“She’s a snake killer if you need help call her,” Thompson captioned a photo of Mrs. Newby standing next to the dead copperheads.

In another Facebook post this weekend, Thompson said her neighbor had killed nearly 20.

“Mrs. Newby is at again #16 and 17 down,” she wrote.

According to Fox News, Mrs. Newby killed the snakes using her shotgun, shovel and rake handle.

Thompson’s post has since gone viral, sparking a wide range of comments. One Facebook user wrote that she needed Mrs. Newby to come rid her property of snakes.

“Dang I could of used her this morning! I am scared of snakes and had a copperhead in my driveway,” the commenter posted. “Had a nice officer come and kill it for us. She sure is brave!”

Others users slammed Mrs. Newby for killing the snakes instead of having someone come and remove them.

“I believe its illegal to kill snakes. It would have been better for her to have them removed by a professional,” one person wrote. “I have non venomous snakes around my house. I have not seen a copperhead close to my house, they are probably in the woods around me, they are not aggressive.”

Go’on head, Mrs. Newby!

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