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50 Cent Clowns Ja Rule For Performing While Tied To Cross: “Is He Supposed To Be Jesus?” [Video]

50 Cent has taken a shot at longtime rival Ja Rule over a recent performance during which the “Always On Time” rapper tied himself to a wooden column.

via: Vibe

The 48-year-old recently shared his reaction to Ja Rule’s performance at the BMI R&B Hip-Hop Awards on Wednesday night (Sept. 6), which included the “Put It On Me” rapper delivering his 2020 single “One of Us” while tied to a cross. Fif was clearly amused by the spectacle, taking to social media to mock his rival’s religiously inspired set, which took place at LIV Nightclub in Miami Beach, Fla.

“Look at this sh*t head,” the rapper and television producer wrote in the caption of an Instagram post sharing a clip of the performance. “Is he supposed to be Jesus?” 50 asked, before deeming Ja’s decision to use the cross as a prop as a “stupid” idea. “WTF you can’t make this sh*t up.”

This year has seen 50 Cent putting Ja on blast for seemingly embarrassing moments, present and past, as the bad blood between the two has lasted nearly a quarter-century. In January, the G-Unit rapper reacted to a clip of his own 2003 chart-topping hit “In Da Club” being played by the DJ at a show Rule was set to perform at.

While he debunked speculation that he was responsible for the incident, he took to social media to revel in being able to get under Ja and his team’s skin, even indirectly. “Now this is some funny sh*t!” he wrote on Instagram while sharing a clip from the concert.

In March, the rapper recalled Rule’s dismal 2019 halftime performance at a Minnesota Timberwolves game against the Milwaukee Bucks. “We had a curse! Somebody f**ked up, and they let Ja Rule perform at halftime,” 50 joked at the time, eliciting light chuckles from the organizations’ employees. “Now, what we’re gonna do is take the curse off!”

More recently, the hitmaker dissed Ja for using faux paramedics to “revive” him during a performance at Nelly’s Hot in Herre Festival this past June.

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