Keyshia Cole Ft. Lil Wayne - Enough of No Love [New Music]

Keyshia Cole has returned to her lane with “Enough of No Love,” and I couldn’t be happier.

What I love about Keyshia Cole is that her records have the ability to make you hate every single man on the planet. This new song isn’t much different. It’s reminding me of old-school Keyshia, which I love. I’m glad she finally understood that no matter how happy she is, she’s destined to be the angry black emotional woman of the industry and give us amazing break-up records. “I Should Have Cheated,” “I Just Want It To Be Over,” “I Changed My Mind”….these are all brilliant records. Judging by “Enough of No Love,” I think this upcoming project will give us a few more to add to that list.

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