34 Arrested, Including Florida Rappers 9lokkNine and Hotboii, on Racketeering Charges [Photo] | lovebscott.com

34 Arrested, Including Florida Rappers 9lokkNine and Hotboii, on Racketeering Charges [Photo]

Orlando Police and federal authorities have identified 9lokkNine and Hotboii, two fast-rising Orlando rappers and rival gang members, as two of 34 suspects facing federal charges in an ongoing RICO investigation.

via: Complex

“These are the nearly three dozen suspects arrested or wanted on racketeering or drug trafficking charges after a nine-month investigation into criminal gangs in Orange County by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation,” the County Sheriff’s office tweeted on Friday. Dubbed “Operation X-Force” by the Orange County Police Department, 9lokkNine was described by County Sheriff John Mina to be one of the leaders of one of the gangs involved in the RICO case.

9lokkNine, whose government name is Jacquavius Smith, currently has a bail set of $750,000. Hotboii, whose name is Javarri Walker, has yet to be officially arrested. Mina also describes Hotboii as being the leader of the rival gang that is involved with this case. The sheriff commented on the arrests on Friday.

“The ongoing feud that has been going back and forth between these gangs has been responsible for over 30 shootings and several homicides in a number of our jurisdictions,” he said. The Orlando Sentinel also pointed out that crime in the area has grown more intense over the last year, with a 3-year-old and 14-year-old dying last fall because of gunfire in a rival gang shoot-out.

Authorities reported that they discovered 15 guns and 13 auto sears from 9lokknine’s home, Sears are devices that turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic weapons.

In total, 34 people have been arrested as a result of the investigation, and 32 are facing racketeering charges.

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