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Hercy Miller, Master P’s Son, Signs $2 million Endorsement Deal After NCAA Rule Change [Photo + Video]

Hercy Miller, the son of rapper and former NBA player Master P, has signed a $2 million deal to become a brand ambassador for Web Apps America, a tech company specializing in web, mobile and software solutions.

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Hercy, who will play basketball for Tennessee State University, signed the $2 million deal with Web Apps America. Master P set up the brand ambassadorship earlier this year but was waiting for the NCAA’s rules to change. Now, HBCU Game Day writes, the 19-year-old could be the highest-paid college basketball player in history.

“It was a $2 million deal… it’s incredible,” Master P told TMZ on Friday (July 2). “This is gonna change the way college athletes want to stay in school. This is a four-year deal.”

He added, “I’m proud of my son going to an HBCU — this is like playing in the pros now.”

“Like my dad said, this is a blessing,” Hercy told the outlet. “It feels good [to be a millionaire].”

“He works so hard and they say that when you do right, the blessings will come to you,” Master P said. “He’s been doing right; he’s an A student and that’s why this company did this ‘cause they wanted a deal with a student-athlete from an HBUC… This is gonna open the doors for so many athletes.”

Hercy added that he’s learned how to manage money by watching his entrepreneur and hip hop mogul father, and said he plans to use the earnings to give back to his community. The incoming college freshman is hosting a camp on July 21 where he’ll give away free backpacks and school supplies to local kids. He’s also planning to reward himself with a new Tesla.

“I learned from my dad, I’m gonna start by giving back to the community around me,” he said.

With the new NCAA allowance, Master P said, student-athletes will be offered a financial literacy course to help them navigate potential deals. Watch Master P and Hercy’s interview and see an Instagram post from the proud dad below.

Master P is going to make sure his boys eat.

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