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Say What Now? UK Newspaper Calls Beyoncé a ‘Whore’ for Grammys Performance [Photo]


In all our days, we don’t think we’ve seen a major publication call an artist a ‘whore’.

The UK’s Metro newspaper ran a headline calling Beyoncé a ‘whore’ following her “Drunk in Love” performance at the Grammys.

Metro reports:

Horrified viewer Mandy Flores wrote on Facebook: ‘Aren’t u a mother now!!? Thought u had class, how trashy and I couldn’t even let my 8 year old watch. U have never done anything like that! So disappointed.’

Others quickly reached for the remote control, with JJ Boogie tweeting: ‘Opening Grammy song performance inappropriate for young children. Thank you Beyonce. #ChannelChange.’

Another horrified woman said the 32-year-old mum looked like a ‘wh*re on stage’ at the Staples Center in LA.

Do you think Beyoncé’s performance was that offensive? We’ve certainly seen worse….Miley Cyrus, anyone?

  • miranda

    she didn’t look like a whore im sorry but shes a artist and not everything is meant for kids

    • princess peach

      tha’ts true but they consider the grammys a “family show” now days idk why but they do

    • Anjela Keepsitreal

      she didnt

  • Monea

    I didn’t think she looked like a whore…. The performance was great… I’ve seen artists who perform with less clothing than her…No one said anything about them… Just because Beyonce has never done anything as such before, now everyone wants to cause an uproar….
    She has stepped out of her shell…

  • Ashley

    the program was rated PG-14, therefor, no one under the age of 14 should have been watching; your 8 year old child shouldn’t have been watching in the first place. You can’t please everyone. And “Drunk In Love” is a super sexy song, was her performance supposed to be conservative? I don’t think so. But I digress..

    • Anjela Keepsitreal

      thank you

      • brownshuga_mama

        I agree. It was definitely rated. So, if your kid was watching then thats your fault. She didn’t do anything unexpected. I was bored with the performance overall.

    • Sonnybabe

      What is PG- 14. I don’t recall any such thing. Besides this is the Grammys and it is not known to have this kind of overtly raunchy act, you confuse this withe VMAs.

      • whore if that was the case, the grammys wouldn’t have approve her performance. fuk out of here

      • Ashley

        No no. They are rated. Every award show is. The Grammy program is rated on the content of the performances. It has the be rated TV-PG-14 due it’s diverse music.

  • Angelique L

    OMG these people need a life. Beyonce is not a child and is performing grown folks performances for grown folks. She isn’t asking people to have their 8 yr olds watching. Shes talented and comfortable in her sexuality. Madonna anyone? Do yo thang Bey!

  • Timothy-John Bishop

    welcome to the gutter press of ye olde england. theyre alwaus like thus.

  • Jay D

    Beyonce is doing her Job as an Entertainer. Parents should do theirs. Raise your Effing kids! Don’t let them watch the Grammys. PERIOD.

  • meg

    why in the hell is an 8 year old looking at the Grammys any way they should be looking at Disney or something like that there is nothing on the grammys for them. i’m so tired of people useing kids in shit that THEY have a problem with your freakin kid should not be looking at shit thats NOT for them the song is not G rated.

  • Chocolatey Shatner

    Oh well…don’t let your ugly ass kids watch TV.


    Unfortunately, well know and much loved artist seem to get boxed into a certain image. When they change direction or want to express a different side of their artistry, small minded people are outraged. First, Beyonce has been turnt up since she went solo and her solo music isn’t for elementary age children anyway. Second, Why are you allowing a young child watch the Grammy show. Between the female attire and the performaces, its too much for them anyway. #getyourlife

  • Gretchen Cole

    I say Bey should OWN it. Hey, sex sells. And when you sell sex, you are a whore, or a pimp. Either way Bey is a horrendous singer and an okay dancer. She relies on spreading her legs. I swear, in her 15 year career, I have seen her vag more than my own. She IS a whore, but I say OWN it like Jenna Jamison. Clearly Bey is no Anita Baker. She HAS to sell sex to stay relevant. Her yodelling won’t sell records alone.



  • Marc

    Are you semi-literate or is it just a really slow news day?

    See those little markers around the word ‘whore’? Those are called speech marks. They indicate that a word/phrase is being quoted. The newspaper didn’t call Beyonce a whore, some offense-stricken mother did. And, yes, I agree with her.

    • Sonnybabe

      Typical of bandwagons, just jump right on before making a proper examination themselves. Her behaviour left very little to be desired. Since when is the Grammy Awards an adult show. It was one of the few remaining ones the whole family could watch, now it to has become tainted like the VMAs and all the other thrash award shows. I know where the true motivation for all this support is coming from, support the “black” superstar, no matter how bad an example they set. Money does not equate true worth, success, real happiness, contentment or peace of mind.

  • DoinMe

    Just because we Americans have no morals or values, doesn’t mean people in other parts of country don’t.

    • Pick A Struggle


  • JD1991

    I bet Beyonce doesn’t even care about that label. Sex sells and has always sold. She’s just using it to rake in a cool $100 million a year annually.

    • 333

      Money isn’t,everything in life. Dignity has a greater value.

  • Jennifer

    I think it’s interesting that a performance that celebrates the love between a husband and wife is considered “whorish”. Beyonce and JayZ did things the “right way’ according to society and they still get backlash.

  • Tehara

    Reporting about Mariah selling Christmas ornaments on QVC or her other corny and stupid endeavors doesn’t draw as many clicks as posts about Beyonce…

  • realmusiclover

    Everyone clowned miley.that the problem expect more from the so called artist the song and cd stinks and should not have been played nor performed at the grammys last i checked its a family show.vagina lips showing nipple slips put some clothes on. The grammys is not your burlesque show.whats next fucking on stage. Not ok

  • Anjela Keepsitreal

    beyonce is not a whore how is that you never heard of her wit alot of other mens beyonce was wit her husband performing at the grammys so mr clive must have invited b& j ….ok 4 all that seen beyonce & jz video what made you think it was gona be any different at the grammy ….. beyonce & jz are perfessionals …they tried to bring janet & justin down the same way …. its not gona happen them are probably going threw losing homes divorces …so why should b& j care

  • sbod

    I agree this show was not suitable for an 8 year old child. I’m not an over the top Beyonce’ fan, but I understand she’s evolving. I’m sorry she didn’t make music for everyone this time, but she’s in a different space at this time in her life. If you listened to Drunk in Love before the performance, you should’ve known better. I don’t think she looked like a whore (wasn’t a fan of the hair). Overall the performance was okay. Nonetheless, this is an adult album, parents should know that.

  • Charlene Green

    People always hating on Beyonce……then wonder why she is so private.

    • 333

      What,s left to privacy when she sticks her snatch out for all to see. Maybe she should keep her private parts private.

  • sandi cyber

    taking the HIGH ROAD and not responding is her style… but i just wish for ONCE, she would embrace her inner “SASHA FIERCE” and shut mofos down with A FINGER! i guess if she did that, she wouldn’t be “BEY” … SHE is one of the FEW entertainers who actuallly got married FIRST, then HAD HER CHILD. yeah, her performance was a little riske, but what about it said, “WHORE/HOE?” *BOW DOWN to the REAL QUEEN (BEY!)*

  • db

    But it was okay for a bunch of gay people to get married and kiss live, the society we live on embraces gay and shuns normal relationships

  • Bossa Nova Blue

    Huh? The heir to the British throne, Charles, is married to none other than the same woman he cheated with on his first wife, Diana. The future “Queen Camilla” was once a “side-chick.” I think the British press should focus on the “whores” on their side of the “pond.”

  • 333

    Beyonce is not an artist. All she needs is a pole. Looks like a whore, acts like a whore, that,s a whore!