Yung Miami Wants Nicki Minaj to Unblock Her From Instagram [Photos]

It’s never a dull moment on Twitter, especially when it involves the City Girls. Yung Miami had social media jumping when she asked for Nicki Minaj to unblock her from Instagram.

Miami took to Twitter on Sunday, writing, “Can you unblock me on Instagram @NICKIMINAJ ?”

She issued a series of follow-up tweets, which included her saying, “I’m not obsessed, desperate, none of that fr I just asked her to unblock me I ain’t do shit! Tf.”

She also responded to a user who said she “look delusional,” with Miami clarifying that the only thing she’s delusional about is “dick & my money.”

It’s unclear what lead Nicki to block Yung Miami on Instagram. But that didn’t stop people from reminding Yung Miami of her own thoughts regarding being blocked.

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