Yung Miami Doubles Down On Diddy's Bedroom Stamina: 'What I Gotta Lie For?' [Photos]

Yung Miami claps back at haters over claims that she is clout chasing following her comments regarding ex-Diddy’s stamina in the bedroom.

via: HotNewHipHop

In a pair of posts on Twitter, she asked why should would lie about it. Miami had spoken about their love life during an episode of Love Radio on Apple.

“What I gotta lie fa??? To who? Why fa what reason do I have to lie????? Please I really want to know,” she asked one doubter. In another post, she added: “Who tf acting? Bitch I’m grown y’all so fucking delusional it’s sick! Why do 2 grown ass people gotta get on the internet & ‘act’ like we doing something who for what!???”

As for Miami’s original comments, she remarked that Diddy doesn’t go to sleep after sex. “Let me tell y’all something,” she began. “This n***a don’t go to sleep. I be like goddamn. I’ma tell y’all something, for real, for real, for real, I really thought that I was gon’ make him tap out…This n***a don’t go to sleep. I be like, ‘You need to go to sleep.’ You gotta be charged up like a Tesla.” Check out her response to her trolls below.

Despite the explanation, fans still had mixed responses to Miami and Diddy’s comments. When The Shade Room posted Miami’s tweets on Instagram, one fan commented: “I’m tryna figure out why two grown people had to get on the internet and discuss this in the first place.” Another wrote: “It’s giving everytime Diddy drop he use her for promo.”

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