You've Got to Be Kidding: Donald Trump Mocks President Obama for Watching 'Star Wars' [Video]


Donald Trump took to Instagram earlier today to share a video in which he shames President Obama for taking time to see the new ‘Star Wars’ film.

via Variety:

The 15-second clip, which Trump captioned “We need a real President!,” begins with the typed statement “We are in a serious war,” and is followed with images from a news stories about ISIS members obtaining fake passports and coverage of both the Paris terror attacks and the San Bernardino mass shooting — the Paris attack is believed to be linked to the militant group, but the San Bernardino shooters pledged allegiance to the group on social media and then deleted the posts.. The choppy clips then fade to a black screen that reads, “Our president is busy with another war,” followed by a clip of Obama saying, “OK everybody, I gotta get to ‘Star Wars.’ The ad leaves viewers with the message, “Time for a leader with real priorities.””

What Donald Trump DIDN’T mention, was that the president was referring to the Dec. 18 White House screening of ‘Star Wards: The Force Awakens’ that he and the First Lady hosted for families of fallen soldiers.

Way to be an as*hole, Mr. Trump.

We need a real President!

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