You Tried It: Amber Rose Insists She and Nick Cannon are Just Friends After Teasing 'His and Hers' Ferraris [Photo]

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Amber Rose wants you to know that she and Nick Cannon are just friends and business associates.

A few hours after posting a pic of her and Nick next to Ferraris in which she captioned ‘His and Hers’, she took to Instagram to defend their platonic relationship.

It’s not the first time this ‘His and Hers’ got someone in trouble…just ask Christina Milian!

Amber posted the above photo and wrote:

Shout out to my Amazing Manager @nickcannon! I know the world wants us to be together sooo badly (Sarcasm) but it’s just not our relationship. Every time I post a pic of me and this Man yall start reaching….. We are friends and business partners nothing more. We have beautiful children and ppl we still love very much no matter what. I don’t know how many times I need to say this but this will be my last time. WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!!! Ok fuckers? I usually don’t even comment on dumb made up stories but ur gonna see a lot of us together cuz we’re getting this Shmoney…… Cuz he’s my manager! Duh. So fall the fuck back and chill the fuck out -Muva ????

See, here’s the thing…

Amber knew exactly what she was doing by posting that photo of the two. She knew exactly how we’d react and quite frankly — we just gave her the attention she wanted.

Now that she has it, she wants throw around words like ‘dumb’ and ‘f*ckers’.

Sorry Amber, it doesn’t work that way. You can’t be mad at the fire when you’re the one fanning the flames!

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