Yikes! Man Spikes Co-Workers' Drinks with LSD So They Would Have 'Better Energy' On the Job

A Missouri man didn’t like the energy in his work environment so he took it upon himself to liven things up — with the help of drugs.

via Complex:

According to The Leader, the incident went down March 18 at an Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Arnold, Missouri. The manager of the car rental agency said she had noticed the man “acting weird” and holding a dropper next to her and other employees’ drinks. She finally alerted authorities after two of the workers were taken to urgent care after becoming dizzy. Once officers arrived, the man ‘fessed up to the stunt.

“They were too uptight, and they needed to have better energy,” he reportedly told police.

Though the man was arrested on the day of the incident, he has not been hit with any charges. Arnold Police Lt. Clinton Wooldridge said officers tested the beverages at the scene, but the results were not conclusive. But according to The Leader, the suspect is facing second-degree assault and possession of a controlled substance, pending the results of a lab test.

The workers who were hospitalized were ages 24 and 23. They were transported from urgent care to a hospital and released after the LSD effects wore off. 

An Enterprise employee declined to comment on the incident, telling The Leader no one from the office was permitted to talk about the incident.

What did he think would happen? They’re lucky no one got hurt.

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