Yikes! Girl Falls 25ft From a Six Flags Gondola Ride After Being 'Choked by the Safety Bar' [Video]

A 14-year-old girl fell from a Six Flags ride into the arms of fast-acting strangers who gathered beneath her when they saw her ‘choking’ on the safety bar.

via Mail Online:

The teenager from Greenwood, Delaware, was with a relative at Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury, New York, on Saturday when she became stuck as they rode the Sky Ride, a family ride with no minimum height requirement, shortly before 8pm.

As she flailed, she slipped out from her seat and was left dangling from the ride by her arms, holding on in fear as a group of men gathered beneath her.

The other child told shocked onlookers that the ride’s safety bar had been choking her.

As she dangled in the air, the group of men convinced the girl to let herself drop into their arms.

In a video of the incident, one can be heard shouting: ‘It’s okay honey, they’ll catch you!’ 

She was immediately rushed for medical help in a helicopter after being caught but was not to have been seriously injured.

Crowds which had gathered to watch the drama unfold cheered as the men took the girl to safety. 

Six Flags closed the ride afterwards to investigate how she became stuck.

Warren County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident. In a statement, officers told how one of the men who caught her suffered a back injury doing so. 

The Sky Ride was described by police as a ‘very slow moving, gondola’ which spans the entire length of the park. 

All of its safety equipment was in tact and working properly when police arrived at the scene. 

Watch the scary video below.

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