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Wynter Gordon – ‘Tomorrow’ & ‘TKO’ [New Music]

Check out Wynter Gordon’s latest track “Tomorrow,” the first single off Sanguine, the second EP from her four-part Human Condition series.

The release comes via PAPERMAG, and of course they had nothing but amazing things to say about the record:

For this EP, Wynter worked with DJ Camper, and this single is a haunting, catchy and super-lush tune (featuring a guest appearance by rapper Salomon Faye) that feels like something that could be on a 2012, dance-pop version of Pure Moods — in a very, very good way! Enjoy.

I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree. “Tomorrow” is a really great record! I can’t wait for Sanguine to drop later this month. If you haven’t given Doleo a listen, do so right now. You’re missing out!


Bonus: Check out “TKO,” a bonus track from Sanguine that’s equally as awesome.

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