Who Is in the Wrong? Mom Stays Out All Night & Doesn't Answer the Babysitter's Calls, Babysitter Calls the Cops and Child Services Get Involved

You’ve probably seen screenshots of the popular ‘Am I the Asshole?’ subreddit where people share details about a situation and ask strangers on the internet if they, in fact, were or weren’t the ‘asshole’ in the situation.

A new one has taken the internet by storm — and it’s pretty sticky.

via Buzzfeed:

A 28-year-old woman has been babysitting for a mom who continuously disrespects her time by constantly being late. In the Reddit thread, the babysitter says, “I definitely should’ve fazed out by now but the kids are cute and if I don’t have another job, it’s easy money. I’d go babysit so she could go to ‘brunch’ but she’d be gone from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. My whole day was gone. After that, she’d start giving me times but never stick to them. She wouldn’t even call to tell me, she’d just stay out.”

Well, a recent situation babysitting for this mom pushed the babysitter over the edge and she called the cops. DCF (Department of Children and Family Services) ended up getting involved. Here’s the story as told on Reddit…

“I got to her house at 6 p.m and she was supposed to be home by 9 p.m. I told her she needed to be on time because I had plans to go out with friends. She promised. Of course, 9 p.m. rolls around and she’s not home. I call her, no response. Text, no response. Another hour. Nothing. Still calling and texting. Finally, it is midnight. By this point, my plans are long ruined, but I’m pissed and exhausted. I call her and leave a voicemail saying if she’s not home in the next hour, I’m considering the kids abandoned and calling the cops. I also text her this. I try calling her 30 minutes later and it went to voicemail. On the second ring, I text her again and she left me on read…”

“If she had reached out saying, ‘Hey, I’m staying out until X time,’ I would’ve stayed. I don’t know any of her family nor the father of the kids, so I can’t call them. I gave her a grace period of 15 minutes and tried calling again. Finally, I called the cops. They came and I showed our agreement in our text exchanges from earlier in the week, confirming that she’d be home by 9 p.m. They tried contacting her and she didn’t answer. I was dismissed and they took the children to the police station. I went home and went to bed,” she wrote.

Then, around 3 a.m., the babysitter is woken up by a frantic call from the mom asking where her kids are and why she was not there. “I told her I followed through on my threat, and to check the police station. She cursed me out, I hung up and went to bed. The next day, she sent me an essay saying the kids’ father was called and there’s a DCF investigation launched against her. She called me every name under the sun. I didn’t think I was wrong until I spoke to a friend with kids. She said I should’ve just waited it out and refused to ever sit for her again. She asked if her potentially losing her kids was worth me being petty,” she concluded in the post.

Most of the people of Reddit quickly reassured the babysitter that she didn’t do an asshole thing by calling the cops in this particular situation.

She told the mother exactly what she was going to do. And she did it. Whose side are you on?

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