Wouldn't You? Man Who Fell Through Bronx Sidewalk Into a Pit of Rats Sues Building Owner

A man who fell straight into a pile of squirming rats after a sidewalk collapsed underneath him is suing the Bronx building owner responsible for maintenance of the property.

via NYDN:

Leonard Shoulders, 33, broke his arm and leg after tumbling 15 feet Oct. 24 — and though he was in pain from the fall, he dared not let out a scream. “He didn’t want the rats going into his mouth,” his brother, Greg White, told the Daily News.)

Shoulders was walking to a bus stop on Third Ave. near E. 183rd St. in Belmont when the ground cracked open and he dropped into the dilapidated vault below.

Surveillance video obtained by CBS New York shows the exact moment he fell.

The city Buildings Department issued a full vacate order on the building next to the sinkhole, after finding the vault, or basement space underneath the sidewalk, had fallen into disrepair.

In a lawsuit filed Monday in Bronx Supreme Court, Shoulders accused the building owner, EH & HD 183rd Realty LLC, of failing to maintain the sidewalk or the basement below.

Let’s be clear — if we ever fell into RATS, we’re suing everyone — the building owner, the city, and while we’re at it the rats can get it too.

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