Would You Watch? Tyga and Kylie Jenner Reportedly Want Their Own 'KUWTK' Spin-off Show


With Kim Kardashian taking a much-deserved break from the spotlight, it’s being reported that little sister Kylie Jenner is ready to spearhead the family business.

According to RadarOnline, Kylie is pushing for her very-own show with Tyga.

“Kylie is sexing up her image with social media with one main intention: she’s prepping for her own show and firmly believes this is the way to make it happen,” a family insider told Radar.

The conniving reality teen is especially excited that scoring a reality series with her bad news boyfriend could have “the added bonus of knocking Kim off her pedestal.”

“She insists it’s the logical move and only right, since she has the largest fan following of the family,” said the insider.

“Right now it’s all about persuading her mom,” Kris Jenner, “and the TV bosses, but it’s 99 percent a certainty to happen.”

Are you ready to start keeping up with Kylie?

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