Woman Comes Forward Claiming She's Been Holding C-Murder Down for Years: 'Monica Who?!' [Photos] | lovebscott.com

Woman Comes Forward Claiming She’s Been Holding C-Murder Down for Years: ‘Monica Who?!’ [Photos]

Monica Brown and Kim Kardashian trying to help get C-Murder out of jail is slowly turning into an episode of Jerry Springer.

Not only do we have Master P (his brother) and Monica going back and forth about who C-Murder recognizes as being there for him over the years, we now have another woman stepping up to get some shine for herself.

We don’t know who this woman is, but according to screenshots shared by TSR she’s claiming to have been C-Murder’s woman for years — and she has photos to back it up!

The thing is — Monica never said she was the only one helping C-Murder. Why is everyone suddenly so pressed for the attention?

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