Wiz Khalifa Fires Several Shots at Amber Rose on Juicy J's New Track 'For Everybody' [Audio]


We’re not sure what some women have done to these male R&B singers and rap artists, but they continue to release tracks taking aim at their former lovers.

The newest diss track comes in the form of Juicy J’s For Everybody, which features appearances from Wiz Khalifa and R. City.

To sum things up, the track pretty much discusses that a certain crop of women are promiscuous and have slept with or will sleep with every man in the industry, hence the record being titled For Everybody.

Wiz’s verse is particularly interesting, because he takes several shots at his ex-wife Amber Rose. Matter of fact, his entire verse is about Amber.

Man, I fell in love with a stripper, funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker
They don’t pay attention to love anyway
They only concerned with what the haters say
Bottles be turnin’ these girls into THOTS
Instagram turnin’ these wives into hoes
No, in real life they just readin’ the comments
Mess with a real one and get you exposed
I had a time when my mind was caught up
My niggas was lookin’ like what is he on
My family was to scared to talk to a nigga
Ain’t comin’ back now the case just got closed
She do what she told
Sharin’ is carin’, that pussy ain’t gold
Sorry you ain’t in control
You all about that money, that’s shit that I throw
Just make sure you clean off that pole
They turn on the TV and get on the ‘gram and say that’s relationship goals
Trust me don’t save ’em, anything goes
With these hoes

Good Lord.

Well, what are you waiting for? Hear the song below!

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