Wisconsin Officer Allegedly Caught On Camera Planting Drugs On Black Man [Photo + Video]

A video of a traffic stop conducted by the Village of Caledonia Police Department in Caledonia, Wisconsin, went viral Saturday, July 14, over allegations by social media users that a police officer, featured in the video, placed a baggie in the backseat of the stopped vehicle.

via: BET

A Black man is accusing a Wisconsin police officer of trying to plant drugs on him during a traffic stop and alleges to have video to prove it. The man, who goes by GlockBoy Savoo on Facebook, posted a now-viral video showing what appears to be a traffic stop in progress and captures a potentially incriminating moment.

According to TMZ, the officer is from the Caledonia Police Department and approaches the car quickly while tossing something into the back seat. The person taking the video, who appears to be Savoo, questions what it was.

The camera person then jumps into the back seat for a close-up shot of what appears to be a little baggie, possibly of drugs. The clip is only 16 seconds in length.

“First time ever seeing a cop try to throw sum on me just to get reason to search the car? he ain’t even know I was recording ? you can tell he was nervous ?,” Savoo captioned his Facebook post.

The Village of Caledonia Police Department has responded via Facebook, issuing a statement claiming they’ll be spearheading a full investigation, including pulling body camera footage, dash cam video and officer testimony from all law enforcement who were at the scene.

Christopher Botsch, Caledonia’s Chief of Police, also added: “Please keep in mind that the cell phone video that is circulating depicts only a small portion of the entire encounter; whereas, all available video may provide more context. The Caledonia Police Department believes strongly in transparency; therefore, all body worn camera video will be made available within the coming days.”

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