What if White Women Could Help End Racism? Deconstructing Karen - Trailer [Video]

The premise of Deconstructing Karen is simple: Can Nice White Ladies participate in dismantling racism?

Check out the WORLD PREMIERE of @DeconstructingKaren on May 3rd at @HotDocs_

Galvanized by the number of white women who voted for Donald Trump, two women of colour envision what unity looks in the United States. But instead of marching through the streets, they take a different approach. Race2Dinner was born, an afternoon of wining, dining and honest conversations about white supremacy and unconscious biases that white women live by. Navigating everyday privileges and cultural differences, the bold intervention changes minds and opens eyes for some, while others turn away because it is too hard. Everything is on the table to eat and unpack, but there is only one rule: no crying at the dinner table.

If you are in Toronto, please buy tickets and come to the premiere and if you are in Canada, you can buy tickets and watch online. Link below.

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