White Man Arrested After Violently Attacking Black Woman in Florida Gas Station [Video]

Last week a 23-year-old Black woman, Rayme McCoy was attacked by an irate white man who was in an argument with someone else.

via: Revolt

Rayme McCoy was at a Jacksonville, Florida BP gas station when the May 16 attack against her happened. Local news station First Coast News spoke with McCoy following the incident and the young woman said that when she got to the gas station, Williamson was already engaged in a racist rant against another customer.

While speaking with the outlet, the young woman explained that she was standing in line at the BP to pay when she asked Williamson to step away from her because he was too close.

“I went in BP to get gas and I was walking in,” she began. “There was a guy arguing with an Indian guy and when I walked around him to go inside, he came in after me and was basically yelling, ‘Y’all kind, you need to go back where you came from,’” McCoy revealed. “I’m pushing his beers away from me and once I pushed the beers away from me, he started punching me in my head.”

The violent attack happened at 3551 University Blvd and was captured by store surveillance cameras. The video soon went viral on TikTok before being shared on other social media sites.

Williamson was arrested five days after the incident and charged with misdemeanor battery. Reports state that McCoy wants the charges upgraded to reflect a hate crime since racial slurs were used during the incident.

On Saturday (May 21), the 59-year-old appeared before a Duval County Courthouse judge where he was told not to have any contact with the victim, witness, or the gas station itself. During the court appearance, the judge noted that Williamson is a registered sex offender.

Sources add that Williamson was released on bond Saturday (May 21) just before midnight. His next hearing will be June 10 at 9:30 a.m. at the county court before Judge Kelly E. Eckley-Moulder.

Watch the shocking video below.

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