Wendy Williams' Son Responds to Her Tearful Breakdown: 'Mommy, I Love You. You Are So Cool'

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Last week we saw a different side of Wendy Williams when she told her audience how she felt her 13-year-old son doesn’t like her anymore.

We were all wondering what her son would have to say after hearing his mother’s revelation on national television.

Wendy was a guest on The View on Thursday and gave us all a little update.

She said:

I was on bed rest to have Kevin. I had to have two five-month miscarriages and he never gave me morning sickness. When he was a baby, he never cried. It was almost like he knew that I struggled to have him. So it’s just… I know that at 13, probably for the next five to eight years, according to how I remember me acting… he will be like this. And the gravitation towards his father is a natural thing. They both have an affection for sneakers, fast cars, good haircuts.

But I’ll tell you…for the last year, it has been, ‘Kevin, stop leaving toothpaste chunks in the sink.’

You tell him that once, you tell him that three times… If I ask you to do something once, you do it then! I don’t play that!

How her son went above and beyond to show his love for her after her breakdown:

It was Martin Luther King Day and he was off from school so he was up in his dad’s office. His dad is one of the executive producers at my show. And he came down to my dressing room and was like, ‘Mommy, I love you. You are so cool.’ And I’m trying to disrobe and he’s like, ‘Mommy, I don’t have time to leave the room. I need to say this to you now so you understand.’ So I say, ‘Kevin, this is the thing. I guess I just got emotional over something I probably should’ve shared with you earlier.’

The day after the episode aired, Wendy said Kevin made her a homemade card, where he listed the five things he loves about her. They were:

I can talk to her about anything.
She’s funny and beautiful.
She’s great at mentoring and getting her point across.
She’s smart and wise.
She’s strict and chill at the same time.

Isn’t that the most adorable thing ever? Click here to watch the clip.


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