Wendy Williams Slams Kevin Hunter for Shady Business Practices Behind Her Back

Wendy Williams is accusing her ex, Kevin Hunter, of making shady business deals behind her back.

via RadarOnline:

Williams, 54, made an appearance to speak at Black Enterprise’s FWD Conference for entrepreneurs in North Carolina, where she claimed Hunter had the primary control of her empire. “You’ve got to be at the ground floor of your operation. I don’t care how big you get,” Williams said in a video first posted by The Blast.

“You better show up, be on time, dress appropriately, and don’t just rely on your team to bring back the information because you’re such a big shot and you don’t have to be there.”

The troubled talk show host, who filed for divorce from Hunter in April amid a cheating scandal, appeared to regret how business decisions were made during her marriage.

“It used to be Kev and the team would show up,” Williams said of meetings. “And then Kev wouldn’t bring me in until he knew, ‘Ok, the deal’s done. Now it’s time for you to meet people.’”

But the television personality declared to the audience: “Not now.”

Williams said she now insists on being present at the first and “every meeting until the deal is done.”

Well…it’s no secret.

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