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Well Alright! Gabourey Sidibe Posts Nude Photo of Fiancé Brandon Frankel Proposing to Her [Photo]

Gabourey Sidibe is engaged and showing her man off to the world — nearly all of him.

The actress shared a nearly-nude photo of fiancé Brandon Frankel in celebration of his birthday over the weekend.

The photo was taken after he proposed to Gabourey last month.

via People:

“Happy Birthday @brandontour ! You are the funniest, kindest, toughest, most protective man in the world,” the Precious and Empire star wrote alongside a photo of Frankel strategically posing on a bed alongside a series of balloons reading, “Will you marry me?”

“You’re always down for all of my hair brained schemes, from painting your nails, to eating rice noodle rose water ice cream, to ridiculous photo shoots like this 1!” she added. “Anyone could be the Clyde to my Bonnie but you are the Kel to my Keenon, the Romy to my Michele, and the Bert to my Ernie! I can not wait to drag you into adventures for the rest of our lives! Happy Birthday My Love!”

Bringing the message to a close, Sidibe playfully added, “And if y’all want to slide into his DM’s, his girl can fight ??????.”

The Oscar nominee revealed their engagement news last month.

“It’s weird that people think we’re already married but I guess our hearts and intentions for each other are just that clear to see,” she wrote alongside a video and photo of herself and Frankel.

“My BFF proposed and now I get to hold him forever,” she added. “I’ve learned so much about myself through him and I feel grateful and excited to learn more about the entire world with him by my side.”

In his own Instagram post, Frankel — who works in entertainment, marketing and branding — revealed most of the details about his proposal, although he left out any mention of a nude photoshoot at the time.

In one photo, the couple’s cat is seen wearing a charm that reads, “Will you marry my daddy?” while another photo documents the bed topped with rose petals.

The actress previously rang in the start of 2020 with her love, calling him “the cherry on top of this last decade and the foundation of the next.”

Their relationship dates back to May 2019, when Frankel first shared photos of his fiancée with his followers, captioning a sweet photo of the pair: “Mom & Dad rare night out.”

Sidibe previously spoke to PEOPLE about their relationship, joking: “He’s very lucky to have me. I tell him that.”

The couple, who lives together with their two cats including one named Aaron Purr, also enjoyed quality time amid the coronavirus lockdown. “He’ll eat anything I put in front of him, which is really sweet,” she said. “I’m always making him drink, like, sweet potato juice and then I work out in our gym. I know I sound like Gwyneth Paltrow, but I swear I’m not.”

Take a look at the photo below. Alright, Gabourey!

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