Watch: Rapper Decides to 'Make It Rain' for the Homeless After 'Not Feeling It' at the Strip Club [Video]


Atlanta-based rapper Ralo has achieved his short-lived goal of internet fame after posting a video of himself ‘making it rain’ with $1 bills for homeless people in his community.

via NYD:

“I feel like I’ve been throwing money in the club all my life,” the rapper told 11Alive in the wake of the video receiving over 103,000 views.

“My friend Gucci Mane and I was in the club making it rain and I just wasn’t feeling it. I was making it rain for all the wrong reasons.”

Seated in a topless white sports car, Ralo, born Terrell Davis, can be seen floating countless greenbacks to the crowd that had gathered around him.

The man behind the 2015 single “Can’t Lie” said the idea struck him when he was inside the Blue Flame Lounge — a strip club perhaps best known for welcoming the body of deceased rapper Shawty Lo following his wake — explaining, “I just wasn’t feeling it.”

Following his turn as a savior with some singles, Ralo is dropping the gauntlet to every other gentlemen’s club patron with his “Ralo Homeless Challenge.”

“I’m challenging every rapper, drug dealer or any dude in the city of Atlanta to do a ‘homeless challenge,'” he said. “They need it more than we need it.”

Now, we admit — at first we thought this was a nice gesture…until we saw the video and could hear Ralo & his crew laughing at those scrambling for the cash.

Watch below.

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